This was a collaborative piece that used MAX/MSP/Jitter and a webcam to make interactive moire patterns. Installed for 3 months in GNRation Gallery in Braga, Portugal. 
In collaboration with Pierce Warneke, Yu Lu, Hasan Gomez, & Achaziyah.
"Throughout the observable world, when two simple iterative patterns overlap, they generate more complicated patterns through interference. Depending on the field of study, these can be referred to as beat frequencies, aliasing, moirés or latticing - but they all follow the basic idea of complex structures built from the superimposition of two slightly offset simple patterns.
The installation is set up in a triptych format, and an interactive control has been added so that generated patterns are subtly and dynamically modified by the viewer’s presence. Simple drone­-like beds composed using beat frequency techniques are employed to sonically mirror the visual moirés.
Following the work of contemporary artists such as Takahiro Kurashima or Carsten Nicolai, combined with classic op­art aesthetics involving illusion of motion in static imagery (Vasarely, De Soto, Le Parc, et al), students of Berklee College of Music's campus in Valencia (under the supervision of professor F. Pierce Warnecke and in collaboration with gnration in Braga Portugal), propose an overview of studies, experiments, and observations about the perceptual deformations and singularities created using ‘Interferences Pattern"